The Dynamiters were greeted with favorable home ground conditions upon arrival to the club and the boys were well spirited despite some drastic changes to the starting lineup after Vice Captain, Waldo Smit, coming down with flu leaving him no choice but to relinquish his starting position.  The tuna must have gone off the bite, because a well-received Mark Felgate, very quickly pulled his boat up the slip and headed down to the club to fill in on the bench. Ryan Povey rushing from the airport to fall in at his usual position at 6, saw Shaun back in at lock and Petri move to 8th man for the starting 15.

The visitors were to kickoff from the lighthouse-end down the throat of a one would say unsuspecting Matt Gunston. He didn’t quite catch the ball, but skillfully managed to tap it back in an organized fumble and the game was on. Gunston assured everyone that he believes that the ball had been contaminated by the opposition fly half and that unconfirmed reports stated that several eyewitnesses caught the visitor overhauling his mates gearbox in the Hammies parking lot before the game. The result was 20 W 40 motor oil being smeared all over the pill at the kick off.

Nevertheless ball goes back, finds the talented hands of Jono Makenzie who executes a touch finder that would have in no uncertain terms won a game of gainers. A Kuilsrivier line out well in their half was well contested by Shaun Colclough . The ball changed possession a few times soon seeing the home side make a good line break by Cam Pym who gained a good couple of well-deserved meters.

A Hamiltons line out was lost to the opposition and sees good defensive work from scrum half Richie Elliot taking on some of the biggest forwards on the field as if he was a forward himself. The ball goes back and is hoofed downfield only to be secured by a surprised Dan Nel who shrugged off the rush tackle from Kuilsriver only to spill the contaminated pill forward on commencement of his ‘would have been devastating’ run.

Scrum time was all Dynamiters. The gents were tight and the opposition were no match for our experienced front row of Rix, Nel and Scarlet, who strengthened their positions as a force to be reckoned with.

Good defensive work pursued after the Dynamiters lost the ball forward following a good line break from the human giraffe Shaun Colclough. Good adaptation to the change of play saw some huge tackle on the opposition 8th man by Richie Elliot. Ryan Povey, showing why he caught the earlier flight home managed to put the visitors on the back foot a few times as well. Halfway through the first half there were sore bodies all over the place receiving medical attention was only the beginning of this grueling encounter.

Following yet another great Hammies scrum saw a perfect field set up for the backline and a slippery Gunston breaks. It was as if he parted the opposition defensive line like the Red Sea and he was Moses himself strolling through. The “contaminated pill’ was once again spilled in the tackle and Kuilsrivier picked up against the grain of play and ran a try out of their 22 and put it under the sticks for a 7 pointer.

The defensive efforts in trying to prevent the try saw Shaun Colclough with a twisted ankle and a bashed up nose forcing him to come off.  Short of forward replacements, Dan Van Der Walt stepped up to the occy and volunteered his services at flank.

Proving that it actually doesn’t matter what position he plays on the field sees Dan van der Walt going over the try line following a successful line out and good run from Richie Elliot who subsequently popped the ball to the ever present Dan for the try in the corner. The conversion was missed and the score was 5-7 to the visitors.

The kick off saw a great tester taken by Chad Sharrock. With a wide open field, Chad managed to drop a gear or two and gave it a good run. A cheeky cross cover tackle was high and Chad was tackled out. The ref showing no emotion whatsoever to the red card offence saw a tussle break out amongst the players. With the ref not enforcing the proper rules of engagement in dangerous situations, saw concerned members of the Dynamiters coaching staff looking out for the well-being of their assets.  The situation was neutralized and the game went on.

Tensions were high and a near perfect clean out at ruck time by captain Ismail Jattiem saw the ref not interpreting it the same way and handing out a Yellow card. This penalty offence cost the home team 3 points and the score was 5-10 to Kuilsrivier.

The second half kicked off and soon saw a scrum in the favor of the dynamiters. The scrum was technically perfect, but apparently the opposition scrum half, according to the ref anyways, is allowed to retrieve the ball from inside the 8th mans feet, but not before pushing the scrum half out of the way. This resulted in insufficient defense and Kuilsrivier scored under the sticks for a further 7 pointer.

Score 5- 17 to Kuilsrivier

The ref blowing consistently to this new rule saw the dynamiters getting frustrated. Richie Elliot had a few good probing runs, but got cut short by yet another high tackle from the visitors. A few more changes saw Ryan Loftus come on for JP, showing depth at scrum time. Ryan Jones after proving useful in the backline with some probing attacks at the opposition defense showed his equal skill in the second row while creating opportunity for Scotty and Jayde to come on and show off their skill.

A devastating line break by the opposition flanker saw half the field given away. In an effort to try and school the opposition in legal defensive work saw Brett Pym coming across and executing one of the most devastating cross cover tackles that the league has ever seen.  The poor unsuspecting flanker didn’t land too far from the change rooms where he remained licking his wounds for the remainder of the game. Some say that Brett’s tackle was so huge, that the sheer impact burst his brother Cameron’s ear drum on the other side of the field!

Not the best day at the office for the dynamiter fourths and it saw them conceding one last try to the opposition just before the close of the game.

Words of wisdom from the experienced coaching staff were well received and the positives were taken from the encounter.

Final score 5-22 to Kuilsriver

Man of the match – Richard Elliot

Meerkat award – Ryan Jones

Big lick – Brett Pym

Hit Taken – Chad Sharrock

DOD – Jon Friday