The day had finally arrived! It was the Dynamiter 4ths’ first game of the season, playing against another new entrant to the Reserve League, the Pollsmoor 1sts.

Now we’ll admit that there were some well-founded concerns about this new team. We were anxious to find out if we were playing the prison staff or some of Matt Scarlett’s dodgy family that were allowed out on good behaviour. To our relief, the Pollsmoor side were made up of staff and friends from neighbouring farms, a real bunch a stand up gents.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the prison guards who swiftly let us pass. No car checks or anything. I think Matt Corke was relieved that his stash of horse tranquilizers was left undiscovered. We were all amazed at the size of the community within the prison walls. A few wrong turns and many inmate wolf-whistles later, we reached the fields.

The game kicked off just after 18:00, with the Dynamiters sporting their brand new kit sponsored by SmartMobile and Jobaround. The lads, feeling full of pride and angst to get the season off to a good start, went crashing into the first few tackles. Pollsmoor managed to survive the barrage of brute force and caught the Dynamiters offside, resulting in a penalty conceded. Pollsmoor opted to use the boot and converted a long range penalty opening the scorecard 0 – 3.

The Dynamiters took the short time spent under their own poles to collect themselves and focus their tactics on crashing it up with forwards to suck in the defense. Clearly the tactic worked as we found ourselves on the Pollsmoor 5m with a penalty after catching them offside at the breakdown. Kevin Spiby, our light-footed scrummy, took a quick tap and dived over the try line without much resistance. The try was converted by Jono Mackenzie, seeing the score shift to 7 – 3.

Once again, Jono Mackenzie was involved, performing a chip and chase in center field. Apparently Jono hasn’t been doing much running in the off season as I’m pretty sure I saw a Dynamiter prop get closer to the ball than he did. None-the-less, the ball was eventually collected by one of the Pym twins (don’t ask me which one). The ball was then offloaded to Zunaid Kapery, the human wrecking ball. He bolted down the touch line as if he were being chased by the authorities (oh wait…). The supporters on the touch line confirmed after the game that they definitely heard him taunt: “you’ll never take me back” as he edged his way closer to the line. But the well trained prison staff managed to tackle the runaway just before the try line.
The ball was stolen on the ground (ironic) but was fumbled by Pollsmoor, giving Kevin Spiby the opportunity to toe it through the defensive line, diving on the ball in the in-goal area. Try time! The conversion was missed leaving the score 12 – 3.


In the second half, Pollsmoor once again had the opportunity to kick at goal from inside their half after a dangerous tackle (the aggressor will be left unnamed as the prison guards are still investigating; the penalty will surely be a down down). The opposition fullback converted the kick and the score was 12 – 6.

Throughout the first half of the game, our 1st center, Ryan ‘Sonny-Bill’ Jones struggled to get his offloads to hand and was eventually forced to keep the ball in two hands when passing. Having made the change to his repertoire, gaps were created and the backline had the platform to create some entertaining flare. Having made a mess of a few attacks in the first half, Jonesy was nominated as DOD and spent the majority of fines after the game being the team’s wyfie…in Pollsmoor… how appropriate.

A special mention must go to the Dynamiters’ forward pack that made big adjustments to their set pieces and dominated on game day. A massive tight-head scrum on the opponents 22m saw Pollsmoor’s 8th man lose control of the ball at the back which gave our Captain Courageous, Ryan Povster, the opportunity to dive on the ball and secure possession. Kevin Spiby then performed a pick-and-go, tumbling over the try line for the 3rd Dynamiter try. A hatrick for Spiby secured him the proud title of Man-of-the-Match. Try converted by Jono Mackenzie. Score 19 – 6.

Later in the second half, a few good kicks by Pollsmoor saw the Dynamiters trying to exit their 22m. The plan was to run the ball out but a stray pass lead to a Pollsmoor winger scoring their only try of the game. The try was converted resulting in a score of 19 – 13.

The final try for the Dynamiters came from a deep kick in our 22m, the ball being collected by Brett Pym and run down the left side of the field before offloading to his twin Cameron. The latter then passed to a bustling Rich Filer, the replacement wing, who galloped over the try line. Conversion missed. Final Score 24 -13.

We want to thank Pollsmoor for being excellent hosts and wish them all the best for the rest of their season. We would all like to say a big thank you to our sponsors, SmartMobile and Jobaround, for giving us the opportunity to get custom jerseys made. The team has never looked better!