The first outing for the newly formed Dynamiter 4ths took the form of a preseason friendly against a British touring team, the Nomads. Click here for more info on the Nomads.

The boys had been itching for their first bit of contact, especially the men in the forwards, comprising mainly of grade A Dutch beef. With a completely new side, we had no idea what to expect in terms of who would flare in certain positions and who would see themselves eating a mud pie on the bench the following week. The game was set to kick-off at 7.30pm however the Nomads were apparently distracted by cheap beer and loose locals at their hotel.

After a long warm-up for the Dynamiter 4ths, the lads from Rosslyn Park finally arrived and the game kicked off at 7.45pm. 3 minutes into the game, the Nomads conceded a penalty in front of their poles, about 22m from the line. Captain Courageous (aka Povster) went against all primal forward instinct and chose to kick for poles. With great pomp and pride, our stand-in fly-half (Godfrey “Twinkle Toes” Tundube), removed his left boot and decided it was a ‘good-enough’ tee. The ref just about wet himself before prohibiting the make-shift conversation attempt. A drop kick was the eventual method of conversion but it was shanked to the right, score 0 – 0.

We now reach 7 minutes into play when the Dynamiters found themselves once again encroaching on the Nomad’s 22m line. One of the British supporters decided to take action into his own hands, as one does, and tell the ref just how good he was (quite the opposite). The ref proceeded to show the man a red card, but to no avail. The supporter refused to leave the scene and continued to throw profanity the ref’s way.  The ref then called the game off to all of our surprise. Needless to say, after a few minutes of calming the ref down (I think there was a backrub involved), the ref decided to continue with play.

Stay with me now. We are still attacking in the Nomads’ 22. Play scuffles to the right side of the field where a ruck took place where all of a sudden Shaun “Ronky” Colclough performs a ‘pick and go’ down the blind side, catching the Nomads off guard. From a prop’s perspective, Shauno resembled a pale Usain Bolt as he galloped towards the touchline. Instead of continuing on a straight plane, he adjusted his line to coincide with a fearful Nomad fullback. After kindly alerting the fullback to the fact that the ‘bus was full’, Shaun dotted down the ball under the sticks, opening the Dynamiters’ account. The conversion came shortly after by our local Brit, Gino Coen. Score: 7 – 0.

Fast forward numerous high tackles, many reset scrums and some questionable hands in rucks, Waldo Smit was shown a yellow by a frustrated referee, prompting the question from the forwards: “Where’s Waldo?” The Nomads found themselves with a penalty 5m from our try line and opted for a scrum knowing full well we only had 7 forwards left on the park. Way lead onto way, their scrum overpowering ours, resulting in a penalty-try. No conversion was needed according to new rules. Score: 7 – 7. After gathering ourselves once more, smashing it up with the forwards we made valuable metres into their half where Godfrey found space and two stepped his way to the try line. Conversion missed. Score: 12 – 7.


The break gave the players and spectators an opportunity to fill up their drinks and settle in for what turned out to be a brilliant second half by The Dynamiters4ths. Some would say that it was the experience coming from the bench that made somewhat of a difference. The boys came out swinging. Under the instruction of the replacement captain, Robbie Misplon took a quick tap and distributed the pill to Albé “Tighthead” Bosman who made a phenomenal break to put Daniel van Der Walt (outside-center) in for his first of two tries. No conversion. Score: 17 – 7. In between the array of tries, replacement scrummy Robbie Misplon was also shown yellow for a high tackle after a string of penalties conceded by the home side. Many of the subs didn’t see this happen and when the scrummy was needed, I could swear I heard someone shout: “ Have we misplaced Misplon?”

Hardly any time went by before the Grenade a.k.a Zunaid Kapery setup Jayd Tasker (replacement fly-half) for the penultimate try of the game. Jayd was met soon after his celebration by an old friend, the ‘not-so-tactical chunder’, securing himself the title of DOD. No conversion. Score:  22 – 7.

Our Man-of-the-Match, Daniel van der Walt had the final say on the score sheet after being put away by Chris “Rugged” Wilkinson (who swears that despite his stature, should be playing fly-half rather than tight-head). Cameron Pym converted the try making the final score 29 – 7.

All told, the first game was a great start to the season and shone some light on areas the team needs to work on. We thank everyone involved for making this meeting of two great international clubs a resounding success. We look forward to the rest of the season!